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Hidden Horrors! The Dreaded "M" Word

"I had toxic mold growing inside of my walls for years". These pictures and video provide a horrifying yet realistic example of what can happen when the dreaded mold has set in. If you're not from Florida, you're likely to be unaware (as we were) of how quickly microbial growths bloom in the sunshine state - approximately 3 days or 72 hours! Imagine having a seasonal home and leaving it unoccupied for an extended period of time not knowing there's a serious problem of mold developing within the walls of your kitchen or bathroom or laundry room or... you get the picture. In our continuing education courses we have received instruction by water damage remediation professionals who have shared their expertise in the warning signs to look for when hidden dangers are present.

We go above and beyond our competition (ie, hobby home watchers or neighbors doing favors) who are likely unprepared and untrained in these critical areas of humidity, water damage, mold, and remediation. As professional home watch reporters, we are trained and certified and have invested in and use appropriate technology (eg, hygrometer, moisture meter, thermal imaging camera) to enable us to perform a thorough check of invisible-to-the-naked-eye issues.

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