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Updated: May 23

If it's a family or friend or a "neighbor doing a favor" or a "Hobby-Home Watcher", you might want to think twice! Push come to shove, and people will take care of their own place and forget about yours, or if not properly trained, neglect critical details that could be the difference between damage and a disaster.

Contact us today to be sure your piece of paradise is looked after properly while you are away. If you have multiple properties, go to, and type in your zip code or city and state to find a professional Home Watch company in your area. (all are background checked, properly trained, insured and bonded).

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  • Writer's pictureSunny Skies

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This client has guests that use the property from time to time. In the top picture, you can see water stains on the outside of the drawer. Possibly, someone may have tipped over some water on the nightstand and neglected to dry it up completely. The second picture is what was inside the drawer. Upon consultation with a remediation company, it was determined these tiny white spots are the beginning of humidity blooms. It was detected early enough that we were able to have it easily cleaned. Disaster avoided, simply by closely monitoring everything in the homes we care for.

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