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What is Home Watch all about?


A Home Watch company performs a visual observation of an unoccupied property, looking for irregularities and obvious issues.  The Home Watch Reporter (HWR) performs an essential service for the seasonal resident or full-time resident that takes an extended holiday/vacation.  An unoccupied home is a vulnerable home.  The HWR will visit the home on a regular basis and perform a detailed check of the premises and report it to the homeowner.  This systematic check of the property will find irregularities before they develop into a more damaging situation.  The HWR is able to do proper troubleshooting and have a variety of resources available to help remedy the condition promptly.  

As a homeowner you deserve to have all the tools and facts needed to make a confident decision.  With something as precious as your home, whom you entrust it to is therefore of utmost importance.  Sunny Skies Home Watch is trained, insured and bonded, and will care for your home with diligence and professionalism.  Below is a detailed Interview Guide to help you understand more about what Home Watch is and what you need to look for in a Home Watch company.  Many are also unaware that their home insurance policies can have water damage exclusions that can hinder future claims.  This directly affects the number of times per month your professional Home Watch company will be required to visit your home.  For additional information, click the links below.

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