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When you arrive at your second home, you want to relax and enjoy your time in Southwest Florida. Our Key-In Service means we will allow entrance into your home to any service providers like plumbers, pest control, appliance repairmen, etc., so they may perform the services you have requested. (We can stay onsite & oversee the project at your request).


Concierge Desk

Have renters, or family/friends use your home while you are away?:

  • Meet & greet your guests, "open" the house for them.

  • Post-Departure check (be sure house is back in "home watch mode").

Vintage Car


If you have a car you leave here in Florida while you’re away, it’s important that the car be driven regularly to keep it maintained. We can also take your vehicle to the dealership for routine checkups, tune-ups, tire rotation, car wash or detailing at your request.

Tropical Storm


Living in Florida, we know that we will have storms, and some of them can be severe.  We will prepare your home by activating the storm protection you have in place, such as storm shutters, etc.  If you have removable storm panels that must be put up, we can refer you to dependable professionals to do so.  Take comfort in knowing your home will be prepared to weather the storm.

Each agreement is tailored to your specific wants/needs, so please, do not hesitate to ask us any additional services you may not see listed.  


Network & Security Services

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